Tips on how to Use the LEN Perform in Microsoft Excel

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If you happen to’ve ever needed to attempt to discover the variety of characters in a line of textual content, you should utilize Microsoft Excel to take action, due to the LEN perform. Right here’s how you can use it.

What Is the LEN Perform?

The LEN perform is an easy calculation perform that counts all of the characters in a given textual content string, together with numbers, letters, particular characters, and areas. The perform identify (LEN) is shorthand for size, because the perform output offers the overall size of a textual content string as a quantity.

To offer you an instance, let’s assume that an Excel workbook comprises a cell with the next textual content:

That is an instance textual content string containing 56 characters!

The textual content string comprises areas, textual content, numbers, and a particular character, and has a size of 56 characters. Must you want to verify this calculation, you could possibly use LEN to take action.

Tips on how to Use the LEN Perform in Microsoft Excel

Not like other Excel functions, the LEN perform is very simple to make use of. It comprises just one argument—the textual content string that you just want to calculate. You may both place this within the system immediately, or you possibly can check with a cell that comprises the textual content string.

For instance, the next system calculates the size of a textual content string contained in cell A1. If you happen to want to use this system your self, change the cell reference with your individual.


An example of an Excel formula using the LEN function, calculating the length of a text string.

As beforehand talked about, you can too use LEN to calculate the size of a textual content string written into the system immediately utilizing the instance system beneath.

=LEN("That is an instance textual content string.")

An example of the LEN function in Excel, showing the length of a text string placed in the formula directly.

You may change the instance textual content with your individual, however you’ll have to encompass the textual content string in quote marks. Alternatively, place the textual content in a separate cell (with out quote marks), then use the cell reference for that cell in your system to find out the size as an alternative.

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