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Microsoft has uncovered the MailItemsAccessed occasion in order that it seems within the Superior Audit logs. We check out how that is used to analyze suspected compromised mail accounts.

Why Good Logging is Crucial

To 1 diploma or one other, working methods, community home equipment, software program purposes, and software program providers all create diagnostic logs. By cross-referencing the timestamps within the logs you’ll be able to construct up an correct image of what was occurring in your community at any time limit.

Consumer exercise, inter-process communication, file entry, the community visitors shifting by your community, connections into and out of your community, and extra are all logged. There’s no sinister agenda behind this. Logging—and the next evaluation of these logs—is commonplace working process once you’re diagnosing operational issues or cybersecurity incidents.

Once you’re making an attempt to find how a system was compromised and what a risk actor did once they had entry to your system, analyzing logs is all the time one of many first steps. With the ability to consult with an in depth report of occasions beats making an attempt to piece collectively what occurred from person testimony alone.

The customers are restricted to describing what they skilled and what they noticed the system do. Though they’re making an attempt to be useful all they may give you is their recollection of the seen signs of the incident. That doesn’t present any perception into what the affected gadgets and methods had been doing internally—or thought they had been doing—at that the time of the incident. And investigators want that degree of data to find out the root trigger of the incident.

Clearly, the extra detailed your logs are the extra helpful they are going to be in a forensic or diagnostic scenario. The extra granular the data the gadgets present and the extra regularly that info is written to the log, the higher.

You Want an E5 or G5 License

Microsoft have just lately made one other occasion sort— MailItemsAccessed —seem within the Advanced Audit Logs in Microsoft 365. That is vital as a result of it permits investigators to see which mail gadgets have been accessed in a cyberattack. This occasion has existed beforehand, however it has solely just lately been uncovered and allowed to filter by to the logs.

Understanding which e-mail gadgets had been accessed throughout a cyberattack would possibly aid you stop exploitation of the information contained in these emails. It may additionally be a knowledge safety requirement for you to have the ability to establish the compromised emails, the senders, and recipients of these emails.

The MailItemsAccessed occasion will allow you to do exactly that, however Superior Audit isn’t accessible to everybody on Microsoft 365. It’s accessible for organizations with an Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 or G5 subscription. These licenses present the Superior Audit performance and retention of log recordsdata for one yr. You’ll be able to select to increase that to 10 years if you want. This 10-year retention possibility permits organizations to carry out investigations into historic occasions and to fulfill knowledge safety, authorized, or different obligations.

The MailItemsAccessed Occasion

The MailItemsAccessed occasion is triggered when emails are accessed. If a risk actor good points entry to a Microsft 365 account the MailItemsAccessed motion might be triggered—and logged—even when there isn’t a specific indication that the compromised emails had been learn. Simply accessing the emails is sufficient to increase the occasion. In fact, the occasion is raised when a daily person legitimately accesses their e-mail, too, however an investigation goes to be zeroing in on specific time intervals, permitting the actions of the common person to be discarded.

The MailItemsAccessed mailbox occasion replaces an older occasion known as MessageBind, and gives a number of enhancements:

  •  MailItemsAccessed applies to all login sorts. MessageBind couldn’t report on common customers and e-mail delegates. It reported on AuditAdmin logins solely.
  • The MailItemsAccessed occasion is triggered by sync occasions and bind occasions. A sync occasion is raised when mail is synced to an e-mail shopper. This will have an effect on many emails. A bind occasion is raised when a single e-mail is accessed. MessageBind occasions had been solely raised for sync occasions.
  • The MailItemsAccessed occasion is much less noisy. The MessageBind occasion might set off repeatedly for a similar e-mail.

Throughout a company, there could be many bind occasions raised in a steady stream all day. Microsoft 365 reduces the variety of occasions by aggregating them into two-minute sequences. If a single mailbox generates greater than 1000 bind occasions in a 24-hour interval, Microsoft 365 throttles the occasion logging for that mailbox for the following 24 hours. It’s vital that you simply take this under consideration in an investigation.

Utilizing MailItemsAccessed in Searches

To go looking the Superior Audit logs in Microsoft 365 it’s essential have both the View-Only Audit Logs or the Audit Logs roles assigned to you. Searches are carried out utilizing Exchange Online Powershell or the Microsoft Security and Compliance Center.

If it isn’t already enabled, you’ll have to activate the audit search functionality:

Set-AdminAuditLogConfig -UnifiedAuditLogIngestionEnabled $true

That is the generic command to look the mailbox audit logs for MailItemsAccessed occasions, throughout a specified interval, for a specified person account.

Search-MailboxAuditLog -Id -StartDate 02/01/2021 -EndDate 02/28/2021 -Operations MailItemsAccessed -ResultSize 1000 -ShowDetails

Investigating a Compromised Mailbox

Step one is to examine whether or not the mailbox was throttled. If it was, it’s important to assume the worst-case state of affairs and deal with all emails to that person account in that 24-hour interval as compromised.

It will return MailItemsAccessed information that had been generated whereas the mailbox was throttled, for the desired interval, for a specified person account.

Search-MailboxAuditLog -StartDate 02/01/2021 -EndDate 02/28/2021 -Id -Operations MailItemsAccessed -ResultSize 10000 -ShowDetails | The place {$_.OperationProperties -like "IsThrottled:True"} | FL

You want to know whether or not any sync occasions passed off. In the event that they did, the risk actor has downloaded the e-mail to their native e-mail shopper. They’ll then disconnect from the server and evaluation and search the e-mail with out producing any extra occasions on the server.

This instructions searches for sync occasions throughout a specified interval, for a specified person account.

Search-MailboxAuditLog -StartDate 02/01/2021 -EndDate 02/28/2021 -Id -Operations MailItemsAccessed -ResultSize 10000 -ShowDetails | The place {$_.OperationProperties -like "MailAccessType:Sync"} | FL

If any sync occasions are discovered it’s essential decide from the IP tackle whether or not that motion was carried out by the risk actor. If that’s the case, once more it’s essential assume the worst-case state of affairs and work on the premise that the complete mailbox has been compromised.

You also needs to seek for bind occasions for the compromised umailbox, for the interval of curiosity.

Search-MailboxAuditLog -StartDate 02/01/2021 -EndDate 02/28/2021 -Id -Operations MailItemsAccessed -ResultSize 10000 -ShowDetails | The place {$_.OperationProperties -like "MailAccessType:Bind"} | FL

Microsoft 365 e-mail messages are recognized by an web message id, held of their InternetMessageId worth. You should use the bind search outcomes to establish the person emails. You’ll be able to then evaluation them to see whether or not they contained any delicate or firm confidential info.

You are able to do this the opposite means spherical too. If the InternetMessageId of emails which can be identified to comprise delicate info, you’ll be able to search the outcomes for these InternetMessageIds .

A Actual-World Instance

The Cloud Forensics crew of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has launched a script designed to assist detect doable compromised accounts and purposes in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 environments.

The script will set up any PowerShell modules that it wants that aren’t current on the machine used for the investigation. It then:

  • Checks the unified audit log in Azure/Microsft 365 environments for typical indicators of compromise.
  • Lists the Azure AD domains.
  • Checks the Azure service principals and their Microsoft Graph API permissions to attempt to establish risk actor exercise.
  • Creates a number of CSV files for additional evaluation.

The MailItemsAccessed occasion is referenced a number of instances within the script. It is a brief part from the script that makes use of the MailItemsAccessed occasion to examine whether or not mail gadgets have been accessed.

If ($AppIdInvestigation -eq "Single"){
  If ($LicenseAnswer -eq "Sure"){
    #Searches for the AppID to see if it accessed mail gadgets.
    Write-Verbose "Trying to find $SusAppId within the MailItemsAccessed operation within the UAL."
    $SusMailItems = Search-UnifiedAuditLog -StartDate $StartDate -EndDate $EndDate -Operations "MailItemsAccessed" -ResultSize 5000 -FreeText $SusAppId -Verbose | Choose-Object -ExpandProperty AuditData | Convertfrom-Json
    #You'll be able to modify the resultant CSV output by altering the -CsvName parameter
    #By default, it can present up as MailItems_Operations_Export.csv
    If ($null -ne $SusMailItems){
      #Determines if the AppInvestigation sub-directory by displayname path exists, and if not, creates that path
      Export-UALData -ExportDir $InvestigationExportParentDir -UALInput $SusMailItems -CsvName "MailItems_Operations_Export" -WorkloadType "EXO"
      } Else{
        Write-Verbose "No MailItemsAccessed knowledge returned for $($SusAppId) and no CSV might be produced."
    } Else{
        Write-Host "MailItemsAccessed question might be skipped as it's not current with out an E5/G5 license."

The script and another helpful instruments are freely accessible, together with complete steerage on how to use them.

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