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This weekend sees the debut of WandaVision, the primary new Marvel Cinematic Universe property to hit Disney+, and the primary little bit of “canon” MCU content material since Spider-Man: Far From Dwelling method again in 2019. When you’re somewhat rusty in your Marvel lore, it’s comprehensible. When you want a refresher course, that is it.

WandaVision stars Elizabeth Olson as Wanda “Scarlet Witch” Maximoff and Paul Bettany because the android Imaginative and prescient. It’s an bold new property from Marvel, drawing on many years of comics for inspiration whereas concurrently utilizing some well-worn TV tropes to mess with the viewer’s perceptions. As the primary post-Endgame little bit of Marvel tv, it’s a captivating setup for each the characters inside and the universe with out.

Oh, and earlier than we proceed, there are going to be spoilers for the MCU within the data under. Nothing about WandaVision itself, however all the flicks that got here earlier than. We clear? Okay then. All of those motion pictures are available to stream on Disney+.

Within the Comics

Scarlet Witch first appeared within the X-Males comics method again in 1964, alongside together with her brother Quicksilver. They’ve each been frequent antagonists, however ultimately grew to become on-again-off-again antiheroes. There’s a protracted and complicated historical past to each of them, usually revolving round their relationship to one another and their father Magneto. Since Magneto doesn’t seem within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (but), and Quicksilver will get killed off in his first supporting film function, we don’t get an excessive amount of of that, both.

Scarlet Witch illustrations

Within the comics, she’s a mutant who can manipulate actuality in a bunch of various methods, often manifesting as telekinesis, thoughts management, and extra freaky powers affecting the legal guidelines of likelihood. Scarlet Witch’s particular powers are sometimes left undefined, so she will be ridiculously {powerful} to a universe-shattering diploma, or merely a difficult a part of a hero or villain team-up. It actually is determined by what comedian collection you’re studying. A long time of continuity have made her every thing from a fundamental, no-frills mutant to an omnipotent demigoddess of “actual” witchcraft.

Imaginative and prescient the android got here just a bit later, showing in Avengers comics way back to 1968, however loosely based mostly on The Imaginative and prescient from Marvel’s predecessor Well timed Comics. Within the authentic comedian continuity, he’s created by an evil android, Ultron, to combat his creator Hank Pym (the unique Ant Man). He’s recruited by the great guys and turns into an everyday on the Avengers.

Vision and the Scarlet Witch cover

Imaginative and prescient can shoot beams of vitality, section via objects, fly, and possesses the same old seize bag of tremendous talents reminiscent of enhanced power and velocity. Within the comics, he begins a relationship with Scarlet Witch … which will get extremely bizarre and complex in a short time, since he’s a robotic and she or he’s kind of human. They shared a restricted run comedian collection within the 80s.

To say something extra would possibly spoil a few of the occasions of WandaVision, so let’s get to the variations of those characters as they exist within the motion pictures.

Earlier than Age of Ultron 

Imaginative and prescient the Android bought his begin as “JARVIS,” Tony Stark’s private AI assistant heard all through the Marvel motion pictures going again to the unique Iron Man. JARVIS is a digital voice supplied by Paul Bettany, and he’s principally a snarky model of Alexa, serving to Tony handle his varied know-how with voice instructions and knowledge readouts.

Jarvis was an actual particular person within the comics, a butler, however within the MCU he’s a pc program. The change was maybe made to distinguish him from the very related butler-to-a-rich-guy-superhero, Alfred, from Batman. We see one other Jarvis, an precise butler to Tony’s dad Howard Stark, within the Agent Carter TV prequel present. Tony presumably named his digital assistant after the human Jarvis, remembering him from childhood.

JARVIS will be heard in Iron Man, Iron Man 2, the primary Avengers film, and Iron Man 3. Nevertheless it’s probably not important to observe any of these motion pictures to get a deal with on the character. Simply know he’s a synthetic intelligence that Tony Stark designed to assist handle his armor devices. Tony has developed a presumably less-than-healthy attachment to his digital butler.

Elizabeth Olson technically first portrayed Wanda Maximoff in an after-credits sequence within the second Captain America film, The Winter Soldier. We will very briefly see her and her brother Pietro being experimented on by Baron Strucker, a former chief of Hydra. Strucker is utilizing the vitality from Loki’s scepter, which accommodates the Thoughts Stone (one of many Infinity Stones), to change the twins and provides them their powers. This shall be necessary later.

The scene above is just about all you want from earlier than Age of Ultron to get a deal with on these characters.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Scarlet Witch and Imaginative and prescient each get their true begins within the second Avengers film. Wanda and Pietro Maximoff are revealed with their full powers (telekinesis and thoughts management for the previous, tremendous velocity for the latter), and given a backstory as conflict orphans from the fictional nation of Sokovia. Wanda manages to make use of her powers to encourage paranoia in Iron Man, who makes use of the Thoughts Stone (the identical factor that made these powers attainable) to design a brand new “defensive” AI and an improve to JARVIS: Ultron.


Ultron does a fast Google search on the historical past of human warfare, turns into unstable, and offers his digital daddy JARVIS a butt-kicking. He takes over Tony Stark’s Iron Legion drones, grabs the Scepter and the Thoughts Stone, and flees to Sokovia, the place he recruits Wanda and Pietro to combat towards the Avengers. The twins are on board. They hate Tony Stark, too, since he offered the weapons that killed their dad and mom. Wanda’s thoughts powers assist arrange one other large battle—Iron Man versus a crazed Hulk.

Wanda and Pietro assist Ultron get the instruments to construct a brand new and even higher android physique, incorporating the Thoughts Stone and artificial natural tissue to make it invincible. (The physique is super-powerful, however type of human. This shall be necessary later.) However earlier than he can end, Wanda takes a peek into his mind and realizes he plans to explode the planet. Properly concluding that this can be a Unhealthy Factor, the twins change sides and be part of the Avengers, serving to them safe the experimental android physique and taking it again to Tony Stark’s lab.

There, Tony and Bruce Banner use the shattered stays of the JARVIS AI and the Thoughts Stone to energy up the android, with somewhat assist from Thor’s hammer. The android Imaginative and prescient is born, with the Thoughts Stone in his head and a implausible vary of powers—tremendous power, vitality beams, flight, and the flexibility to develop into intangible.


Now assembled, the Avengers (with Wanda, Pietro, and Imaginative and prescient) have a Third Act Battle with Ultron. Pietro is killed, however the crew manages to beat him and finish the risk. Wanda kills off the “prime ” Ultron physique, Imaginative and prescient rescues Wanda as an enormous chunk of town is plummeting in direction of the bottom, and he later kills off the final mini-Ultron bot.

Scarlet Witch and Imaginative and prescient be part of the Avengers as two of its strongest everlasting members.

Captain America: Civil Battle 

Civil Battle is principally a mini-Avengers, bringing collectively an enormous variety of the MCU’s supporting forged. It’s all centered round a combat between Iron Man and Captain America about, amongst different issues, authorities management of the crew and letting Cap’s unfrozen greatest bud Bucky go free.

The opening scene sees a botched mission through which Scarlet Witch makes an attempt to avert an explosion however unintentionally channels it right into a constructing. This shatters her confidence in herself and will get her put in day trip within the new Avengers compound in upstate New York. The occasions instigate a conflict of rules within the Avengers. Tony Stark thinks they want extra authorities oversight, whereas Cap thinks they need to retain their autonomy as a kind of impartial peacekeeping pressure.

Right here’s the primary on-screen trace of a relationship between Wanda and Imaginative and prescient, who additionally lives on the compound, and is now a fan of sweater vests. Imaginative and prescient isn’t human—he nonetheless has hassle determining issues like doorways and paprika. However he’s additionally way over he ever was as the pc program JARVIS. And whereas he retains a type of subservience to Tony Stark (who, in a method, was once his “proprietor”), he’s growing a definite character and wishes. A kind of wishes is to be close to Wanda and defend her.

Later within the film, Hawkeye swings by the compound on the behest of Captain America, to bust Wanda out and go on the run. Imaginative and prescient makes an attempt to cease them, and he’s unstoppable to vanilla human Hawkeye. However Wanda’s powers come from the Thoughts Stone in Imaginative and prescient’s head, and he seems to have a definite weak spot to her talents. (This shall be necessary later.) Wanda makes use of her telekinesis to actually bury him below a few thousand ft of New York soil. That is apparently an inconvenience however doesn’t materially harm him.

Wanda and Imaginative and prescient meet up once more on the Berlin airport, the place Iron Man’s group of Avengers (now bolstered by the primary onscreen look of the MCU’s Spider-Man) and Captain America’s rogues have a punch-up. Wanda helps Captain America and Bucky to flee however will get captured within the course of. As Imaginative and prescient is reassuring a shaken-up Wanda, he makes a mistake and unintentionally shoots his crew member Battle Machine out of the sky. It’s the primary indication that his android physique and thoughts are vulnerable to emotionality and errors.

Earlier than the conclusion of Civil Battle, Captain America’s crew together with Wanda is imprisoned on the superpowered detention facility The Raft. Cap escapes, beats the crap out of Iron Man one final time, and ultimately frees them.

Avengers: Infinity Battle 

When the MCU’s cosmic big-bad Thanos lastly will get uninterested in ready round for the Infinity Stones, it’s been a 12 months or two because the occasions of Civil Battle. Wanda’s a part of Captain America’s disparate crew of do-gooding fugitives. Imaginative and prescient remains to be nominally a part of the Avengers, however apparently he’s been taking frequent breaks to go to Wanda on the run, utilizing his powers to disguise himself as Paul Bettany a standard human when he does so.

Wanda and Imaginative and prescient are having a romantic night in Scotland after they see that aliens are attacking New York Metropolis. (It’s okay, that occurs loads.) Earlier than they will do something about it, they’re attacked by a few Thanos’s lieutenants, who need to actually rip the Thoughts Stone out of Imaginative and prescient’s head. They get in a sneak assault, severely damaging Imaginative and prescient’s android physique (and conveniently de-powering him for later), however they’re bailed out by Captain America and Black Widow.

Dealing with the specter of Thanos, who’s now armed with a number of Infinity Stones from throughout the universe has the flexibility to make use of them, the reunited Avengers take into account the best way to maintain much more of them out of his fingers. The Thoughts Stone in Imaginative and prescient’s head can’t be destroyed by standard means, however since Wanda’s powers come from the Stone, she ought to be capable to blow it up. Naturally, she’s not on board with killing her robo-boyfriend. However they determine that the superior know-how in Wakanda, homeland of the Black Panther, would possibly be capable to separate the Thoughts Stone from Imaginative and prescient’s head with out killing him.

Wanda, Imaginative and prescient, and the crew head to Wakanda, which has bought to be awkward, because the final time Wanda noticed King “Black Panther” T’Challa, she tossed him round an airport. T’Challa’s genius child sister Shuri says she will be able to get the Stone out of Imaginative and prescient, nevertheless it’s going to take time. How a lot? Sufficient time for Thanos’s alien military to invade Wakanda whereas the Avengers and the Wakandan military combat them off.

Wanda stays in Shuri’s lab when the battle begins since she’s the one one who can blow up the Stone if the battle traces are damaged. However when issues get determined, she’s drawn out into the primary battle. This enables a stealthy crew to infiltrate the lab and lure a weakened Imaginative and prescient himself out, stopping the extraction course of. Wanda and Imaginative and prescient meet up simply as Thanos arrives, packing 5 out of six Infinity Stones. He solely wants Imaginative and prescient’s Thoughts Stone for the complete set, which can allow him to kill half of the dwelling issues within the universe.

Imaginative and prescient tells Wanda to destroy the Thoughts Stone and kill him. She tearfully complies, managing to carry of probably the most {powerful} dangerous man within the universe with one hand whereas exploding her boyfriend’s head with the opposite. However Thanos has the Time Stone, so he pulls a fast rewind, and brings Imaginative and prescient again to life for about two seconds. He then pulls the Thoughts Stone out of his head, assembles the Infinity Gauntlet, and snaps his fingers.

Imaginative and prescient is lifeless. However crucially, he’s killed by Thanos himself, not the Snap. The Snap kills half the universe, together with Wanda. On the finish of the film, each of them are gone.

Avengers: Endgame 

Endgame is a protracted film. To place it succinctly, what’s left of the Avengers crew makes use of a time machine to reassemble the Infinity Stones, construct an Infinity Gauntlet of their very own, and undo The Snap, bringing again all of the individuals it killed. This contains Wanda … however not Imaginative and prescient, since he wasn’t killed by the Snap itself.

After the reverse snap, Physician Unusual and his crew of wizards transport Wanda (nonetheless in Wakanda when she’s unsnapped) and just about everybody else to the Avengers compound in New York. They need to combat off a second Thanos military (which can be touring via time—it’s sophisticated) and maintain him from pulling a double-reverse-backsies Snap, this time blowing up the entire universe.

Wanda participates within the battle, as soon as once more squaring off straight towards Thanos. On the finish of it, Thanos’ complete military is worn out, and the Avengers’ solely notable casualty is Iron Man. Captain America returns the Infinity Stones to their rightful place within the timeline … which signifies that the Thoughts Stone isn’t round to deliver Imaginative and prescient again from the lifeless.

Wanda’s alive. Imaginative and prescient isn’t.


WandaVision is the primary Marvel present to debut on Disney+. However precisely what’s occurring isn’t clear. Within the previews, we see Imaginative and prescient (who’s nonetheless very lifeless, in response to the present continuity) dwelling with Wanda in a collection of idyllic scenes, all lifted kind of straight from traditional American tv sitcoms.

These embrace units and costumes from radically completely different eras. We see Wanda and Imaginative and prescient in recreations of sitcoms from the 90s (Roseanne), 80s (Full Home, Household Ties), 70s (The Brady Bunch), 60s (Go away it to Beaver and Bewitched, full with black-and-white visuals!), and 50s. The express references to I Love Lucy present Wanda and Imaginative and prescient enjoying a really self-aware, superpowered model of tv royalty, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

WandaVision‘s trailers point out that some very bizarre stuff is occurring, virtually definitely associated to Wanda’s thoughts powers and her fragile psychological state after killing her boyfriend, watching him be resurrected after which killed once more, and dying and coming again to life herself. It’s additionally enjoying on the preconceptions of tv reveals themselves. Even the title, WandaVision, implies that we’re going to see some bizarre performs on Wanda’s notion.

The occasions of the brand new present will virtually definitely be impressed by Wanda and Imaginative and prescient’s lengthy historical past within the comics, although most likely not utterly mirror them. In any case, the MCU variations of Wanda already diverge considerably from the comics. Scarlet Witch isn’t a mutant, and within the supply materials neither of them get their powers from an Infinity Stone/Gem.

WandaVision is probably the most anticipated streaming reveals of early 2021, as solely the second piece of style TV to hit Disney+ and the primary glimpse into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in over a 12 months. The primary double-length episode is on Disney+ now, with one dropping each Friday via March fifth (for a complete of 9). Different Marvel reveals will observe, together with Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki,  each scheduled for later this 12 months.

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