The best way to Add Percentages Utilizing Excel

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Do you need to add percentages in Excel? There are a couple of methods to do that. In a single sense, you might be speaking about including share values. Or, you might be on the lookout for a method so as to add a 15% enhance to a price. We’ll check out each.

The best way to Add Percentages Collectively

You may add percentages like another quantity. Select a cell to show the sum of your two percentages. On this instance, we’re going to click on and spotlight cell C3.

click empty cell

Within the method bar, kind “=sum” (with out quotes) after which click on the primary end result, the sum method, which provides all numbers in a variety of cells.

sum formula

Click on in cell A3 after which command click on cell B3 to pick out each. You probably have extra cells, you’ll be able to click on the primary after which Shift + Click on the final to pick out all cells in a variety.

select both numbers

As soon as your chosen cells are highlighted, hit “Enter” on the keyboard, or press the checkmark within the method bar to execute the method and show the sum of your percentages.

checkmark formula

The best way to Apply a Proportion Improve

If you happen to truly need to add a share to a quantity—including 15% to 200, for instance—then this instance is what you’re on the lookout for. It’s value noting that you are able to do the method in reverse (taking 15% off of 200) by altering the “+” signal to a “-” signal within the method beneath.

Insert your two figures in columns A and B. A, in our instance, would be the entire quantity, whereas B can be our share.

add two figures

Click on the empty cell subsequent to your share to inform Excel the place we’ll be displaying the results of our method.

click empty cell

We’re going to use a method that tells Excel to take 15% of 83 (or 12.45) and add it to our authentic quantity (83). This may give us the specified end result, a 15% enhance, or 94.45. You may add the next method to an empty cell, or the method bar:


formula bar

Press “Enter” on the keyboard or click on the checkmark to the left of the method bar to show the end result.


That’s it—it’s all fairly fundamental Excel math. When you perceive the essential ideas of Excel, you’ll grasp easy calculations like this very quickly.

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