Tips on how to Calculate the Sum of Squares in Excel

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Discovering the sum of squares in Microsoft Excel generally is a repetitive activity. The obvious method requires lots of information entry, although there’s a lesser-known possibility that will get you to the identical place.

Discovering the Sum of Squares for A number of Cells

Begin a brand new column wherever in an Excel spreadsheet and label it. It’s right here that we’ll output the answer of our squares. The squares don’t need to be subsequent to one another, nor does the output part; it may be wherever on the web page.

add a new column

Kind the next method into the primary cell within the new column:


sumsq formula excel

From right here you possibly can add the letter and quantity mixture of the column and row manually, or simply click on it with the mouse. We’ll use the mouse, which autofills this part of the method with cell A2.

add cell a2

Add a comma after which we’ll add the subsequent quantity, from B2 this time. Simply kind in B2 to the method, or click on the suitable cell to autofill it.

add cell b2

Shut the parenthesis and press “Enter” on the keyboard to show the sum of each squares. Alternatively, when you can hold going right here, including further cells by separating every with a comma throughout the method.

close parenthesis

To use the method to further cells, search for the small crammed sq. within the cell that accommodates the answer to our first downside. On this instance, it’s C2.

find box

Click on the sq. and drag it right down to the final row of quantity pairs to routinely add the sum of the remainder of the squares.

drag to bottom

Discovering the Sum of Squares for Only a Few Cells

In our “Sum of Squares” column we created within the earlier instance, C2 on this case, begin typing the next method:


simple formula for sum of squares

Alternatively, we will simply add the numbers as an alternative of the cells to the method, as both method will get us to the identical place. That method appears to be like like this:

=SUM((9)^2, (29)^2)

simple formula for sum of squares

You may alter these formulation as wanted, altering the cells, including further numbers, or discovering the sum of squares that aren’t even in your workbook, for instance. And whereas it’s simpler to comply with together with the above tutorial, utilizing the SUMSQ method, to search out the answer for a number of squares, it’s typically simpler to only kind out a fast method like this if it’s not one thing you’ll be repeating all through the workbook.

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