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A photo of the swear bear with a grawlix standing in for a swear word.
8 Bits and a Byte

If an quaint swear jar isn’t sufficient to curb your sailor mouth, it’s time to ask the Swear Bear for a serving to hand. Developed by 8 Bits and a Byte, Swear Bear is a Raspberry Pi-powered AI that retains observe of your profanity and shames you each time it hears a grimy phrase. Oh … fiddlesticks.

Educating a stuffed animal to acknowledge profanity shouldn’t be a straightforward activity. Nonetheless, creators 8 Bits and a Byte managed to do it utilizing a Raspberry Pi 3 Mannequin B, a first-generation Google AIY Voice Kit, a microphone, and the Profanity Check Python library. Swear Bear additionally makes use of ThingSpeak and Google Cloud to maintain a report of your potty mouth, and it makes use of a pair of audio system to mutter “oh expensive” each time it hears profanity.

Anybody can assemble a Swear Bear utilizing 8 Bits and a Byte’s Instructables guide. In fact, there’s lots of flexibility on this design. You possibly can change Swear Bear’s “oh expensive” response to one thing extra threatening, for instance, or maintain the bear offline as a substitute of connecting it to the cloud. And because the Raspberry Pi Foundation notes in its protection, you could possibly even substitute the first-gen Google AIY Voice Equipment with a more moderen, slimmer Google AIY Voice Kit Version 2.

Swear Bear is perhaps a little bit of a sq., however he’s simple to construct and may very well be a enjoyable venture for teenagers or newbie programmers. Pick an previous stuffed animal, order a Google AIY package, and open up the Instructables guide to construct your individual profanity-discouraging buddy.

Supply: 8 Bits and a Byte by way of Raspberry Pi Foundation

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