What Does “NM” Imply, and How Do You Use It?

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Have you ever ever requested somebody what they’re doing and gotten a brief, two-letter reply in response? We’ll clarify what “nm” means, and how one can use it in your texts correctly.

“Not A lot”

NM means “not a lot.” It’s typically used to reply to “what’s up?” or “what are you as much as?” It’s a quite common initialism in texts and social media platforms. It’s thought-about a noncommittal reply that must be adopted as much as lead into an engaged dialog.

Like different web acronyms, it’s largely utilized in lowercase, somewhat than uppercase letters. It may possibly additionally act as a whole sentence when used to reply a query. NM also can imply “nothing a lot” as an alternative of “not a lot,” however they’re interchangeable. Whether or not you learn the letter “n” as “nothing” or “not” is as much as you.

NM can be generally paired with the acronym HBU (how about you?) as a strategy to throw the query again on the particular person asking.

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The Historical past of NM

NM acquired its begin in early web chatrooms and message boards, like most on-line acronyms. The primary definition of it on Urban Dictionary dates again to 2002.

It rose to reputation when it was utilized in On the spot Messaging apps, equivalent to AIM or Yahoo. It originated as a fast and inconsiderate response to on-line small discuss that might precede precise conversations. Right here’s an instance of a dialog utilizing the time period:

  • Individual A: “What’s up?”
  • Individual B: “nm. Hbu?”
  • Individual A: “nm.”

These days, it’s fairly widespread in texting apps, equivalent to WhatsApp, iMessage, and Viber. It’s additionally utilized in neighborhood chat packing containers, equivalent to in Discord or on-line gaming chats.

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Not A lot Is Occurring

NM is often used to indicate that not loads is occurring or that somebody is in search of one thing attention-grabbing to do. NM could be very incessantly utilized by younger people who find themselves bored at dwelling.

Nonetheless, simply since you say “nm” doesn’t at all times imply you don’t have anything to do. Generally, nm is used to sign that issues are largely the identical. If somebody is requested if one thing is happening at work, a reply of nm may point out nothing notably new has occurred.

As a result of it’s brief and missing particulars, nm doesn’t really begin conversations. For probably the most half, it’s used to make small discuss with somebody earlier than stepping into an precise dialogue.

Indicating Availability

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One other use of NM is to point your availability. For instance, in the event you ask somebody what they’re planning on doing tomorrow, and so they reply with “nm,” it may well imply they’ve some free time. This might then be adopted by an invite to a social occasion.

NM may also be used even in the event you’re not but obtainable. If somebody you’d wish to spend time with asks what you’re doing, you may say “nm,” even in the event you’re busy doing one thing. This indicators that you simply’ll be obtainable for no matter exercise they keep in mind.

Not A lot vs. By no means Thoughts

One other definition of nm is “by no means thoughts.” Whereas this utilization was widespread in early IRC chatrooms and messengers, “NVM” is now a extra widespread abbreviation for by no means thoughts.

In fact, you may nonetheless encounter those that use “nm” to imply “by no means thoughts.” To determine which utilization is in play, you possibly can search for clues inside the context of the dialog.

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Learn how to Use NM

Even when in comparison with different acronyms, nm could be very casual. That’s why it’s finest to make use of it solely amongst buddies or nonprofessional settings. It’s additionally not generally spoken out loud; most individuals say “not a lot” or “nothing a lot” throughout in-person conversations.

Listed here are a number of examples of how NM could be utilized in on-line conversations:

  • “nm, standard, standard.”
  • “NM. How about you?”
  • “nm. Simply doing homework.”
  • “NM. I’ve to run a few errands within the morning.”

If you wish to uncover extra web initialisms, try our guides on NSFW and ICYDK.

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