What Is a GPU? Graphics Processing Items Defined

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The inside of a desktop PC with RGB lighting.

Pc graphics are a necessary a part of any trendy laptop system, even light-weight laptops. “GPU” stands for graphics processing unit, and it’s the a part of the PC accountable for the on-screen pictures you see.

What the GPU Does

If you happen to solely use your laptop for the fundamentals—to browse the net, or use workplace software program and desktop functions—there’s not rather more it’s worthwhile to know concerning the GPU. It’s the a part of the PC that’s accountable for what you see in your monitor, and that’s it.

Nonetheless, for players or anybody who does work that may be GPU-accelerated, like 3D rendering, video encoding, and so forth, the GPU does rather more work. These of us have to get much more out of their GPU, so let’s dive in additional.

The Completely different Sorts of GPUs

There are two main sorts of GPUs you will get for a contemporary PC: built-in and discrete. The latter has nothing to do with avoiding consideration. Discrete on this sense means it’s separate or distinct.

An AMD Radeon graphics card.
A discrete AMD Radeon GPU. AMD

Graphics playing cards are usually large, cumbersome drop-in elements for desktop PCs which have one, two, or generally, three followers. These playing cards include the precise graphics processor chip, in addition to RAM to deal with larger graphics hundreds, like video video games. Followers maintain the elements cool.

Desktop graphics playing cards are a number of the best elements to improve. You simply drop the cardboard right into a PCIe x16 slot, join a cable to the ability provide (if required), after which set up the drivers.

Laptops may have discrete GPUs. As a substitute of a cumbersome card, although, a discreet laptop computer GPU is only a chip soldered on the motherboard. In contrast to these on a desktop, these aren’t as straightforward to improve.

A Core i7 processor sitting in a motherboard socket.
The Core i7-8700 CPU contains Intel’s UHD 630 graphics. yishii/Shutterstock

Then, there are built-in graphics, that are constructed proper into the processor. Not all CPUs have this. AMD’s desktop Ryzen CPUs, for instance, are well-known for missing any built-in graphics in any respect.

Intel’s desktop Core chips with mannequin numbers that finish in an “F” additionally lack graphics, as do the Core X-Collection CPUs with mannequin numbers that finish with an “X.” As a result of these processors don’t have a GPU, they’re offered at a cheaper price.

A processor with out graphics is simply a priority for desktops. Once more, laptops are offered as a bundle deal, so that they require both a discrete GPU or built-in graphics constructed into the processor.


Trendy processors with built-in graphics will be surprisingly highly effective. Some are able to working choose older AAA titles at playable body charges when the graphics settings are lowered.

They’re an economical alternative for many who can’t but afford the graphics card of their desires. Anybody who needs to do some severe gaming, nevertheless, will want a separate GPU.

What a GPU Does

A fantasy backdrop with a knight holding magical weapons in the foreground pointing towards a wooden fortress wall.
Center-earth: Shadow of Conflict WB Video games

The best approach to perceive what a GPU does is to speak about video video games. In a sport, we would see a computer-generated picture of an individual, a panorama, or an intricately detailed mannequin of a 3D object. No matter it’s we’re seeing, it’s all because of the graphics processing unit.

Video video games are complicated undertakings that require loads of mathematical calculations occurring in parallel to show pictures on-screen. A GPU is purpose-built to course of graphics data together with a picture’s geometry, colour, shading, and textures. Its RAM can also be specialised to carry a considerable amount of data coming into the GPU and video knowledge, generally known as the framebuffer, that’s headed to your display screen.

The GPU will get all of the directions for drawing pictures on-screen from the CPU, after which it executes them. This technique of going from directions to the completed picture is known as the rendering or graphics pipeline.

The essential unit to begin creating 3D graphics is the polygon. Extra particularly, triangles. Practically all the things you see in a typical online game begins as an enormous assortment of triangles. There will be different shapes used, as nicely, however the overwhelming majority are triangles.

These primary shapes, along with different traces and factors, are generally known as “primitives.” They’re constructed as much as make recognizable objects, like a desk, tree, or wizard holding a employees. The extra polygons you employ for an object, the extra detailed your completed pictures can develop into.

Every object has its personal set of coordinates to be set in a scene. If a human have been drawing an image of a eating room, for instance, we’d use our personal judgment as to the place the desk and chairs must be, or how shut these objects must be to the wall.

A pc can’t make these judgment calls and requires coordinates for placement. That’s one cause why, generally, issues will go very incorrect in video video games, and also you’ll all of a sudden see an object in midair.

As soon as the scene is about, the GPU begins determining perspective based mostly on the place the “digicam” is trying on the scene. A battle on a road, for instance, goes to look very completely different in case your character is standing on high of a parked bus looking on the chaos versus stealing furtive glances whereas crouched behind an overturned taxi. Once more, there’s loads of math happening to determine viewing angles.

After a little bit extra refinement, the pictures get the textures, shadows, colour, and shading that makes all of it come to life.

All of this graphics processing is going on at lightning-fast speeds, requiring heavy calculations, which is why a separate processing unit is required within the first place.

The GPU is constructed particularly for graphics processing, which requires loads of math calculations that occur in parallel. That heavier deal with calculation and parallel operations is why early Bitcoin advocates turned to rigs crammed with GPUs to generate the maths required to mine cryptocurrency cash. CPUs, in the meantime, aren’t as specialised and are extra normal function.

You might, technically, depend on a CPU for the graphics, but it surely wouldn’t be environment friendly and the tip consequence would by no means be as visually spectacular. The CPU merely doesn’t have the assets for many video games. It’s already working your working system, different packages and background processes. It’s additionally serving to to run the sport with physics calculations, AI operations, and different duties.

Which GPU Do You Want?

The Alienware m15 gaming laptop with a Halo image displayed on screen.

Now you understand the fundamentals of what a GPU does and the completely different varieties which can be on the market. So, how are you aware which one you want? If you happen to’re enjoying video games on a desktop, you want a graphics card, and there’s a complete world of critiques on the market that can assist you select the most effective one.

Typically, make sure you get a graphics card that’s acceptable on your monitor’s decision, corresponding to 1080p, 1440p, or 4K. Online game options are continuously advancing and requiring new {hardware}. This implies graphics playing cards are likely to develop into out of date quicker than different elements. Desktop homeowners should buy one thing launched within the final two to a few years.

For gaming on a laptop computer, be very, very cautious. Many gaming laptops have discrete GPUs which can be as much as two generations previous and price simply as a lot (or practically as a lot) as a laptop computer with a more moderen GPU.

If you happen to’re centered on fanatic video enhancing, a robust CPU is extra vital, however a discrete graphics card (even one which’s a couple of generations previous) can also be wanted.

For everybody else, built-in graphics will do. There’s no have to get a graphics card for video streaming, primary net video games, and even primary photograph enhancing. Simply make certain your CPU truly has an built-in GPU. In any other case, you is likely to be in for a irritating shock if you attempt to boot up that new desktop construct.

If you happen to’re curious, you possibly can check which GPU you have in your Windows 10 PC.

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